24.07.2016 18:07

Статьи How to create bat file for Killing Floor server

Here is an example of simple start.bat for Killing Floor server based on Windows:
@echo off
set servername=Killing Floor Dedicated Server
REM ucc_file @ full or relative path to ucc executable
set ucc_file=System/ucc.exe
REM ini_file @ name of your killingfloor.ini file
set ini_file=server.ini
REM log_file @ name of your ucc logs file
set log_file=server.log
REM map @ enter map name without ".rom"
set map=KF-Aperture
set mutator=MutLoader.MutLoader
set admin_name=admin
set admin_pass=admin
color 17
title %servername%
%ucc_file% server %map%.rom?game=KFmod.KFGameType?VACSecured=true?Mutator=%mutator%?AdminName=%admin_name%?AdminPassword=%admin_pass%?ini=%ini_file% -log=%log_file%

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